Compass n. An instrument containing a magnetized pointer that shows the direction of north and bearings from it.

v. To achieve, accomplish; obtain. To grasp, as with the mind.

Giving back to the community

Schab Volunteer Week

Schwab Volunteer Week

Schwab Volunteer Week (SVW) is an annual tradition at Schwab and Windhaven. Every year employees come together during this special week to work on onsite and offsite projects that help the underserved. In addition to leading financial education workshops, volunteers also build homes, remodel and paint shelters, serve food, work on community beautification, and do much, much more.

Thompson Island 4K

Thompson Island 4K

Schwab employees were among over 1,000 runners who tackled the trails and hills at the annual Thompson Island 4K Trail Run in Boston Harbor on September 24, 2015. We were one of 61 teams who together raised an incredible $215,000 to support Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center youth programs.