Watch v. to guard, tend or oversee, especially for protection or safekeeping.

n. The officers and crew who attend to the working of a ship for an allotted period of time.

  • 14 MBAs
  • 2 PHDs
  • 7 Masters
  • 4 CFP® Professionals
  • 16 CFA Charterholders

Management Team

Rick Wurster - Chief Executive Officer

Rick Wurster, CFA, CMT
Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Olson - President

Bryan Olson, CFA
Senior Vice President

Liz Ann Sonders - SVP

Liz Ann Sonders
Investment Committee Member

Christian Menegatti, Ph.D.

Christian Menegatti, Ph.D.
Chief Investment Strategist

Michael E. Gillespie

Michael E. Gillespie
Chief Compliance Officer

George Mylnikov

George Mylnikov, Ph.D.
Head of Quantitative Research

Research and Modeling

Bill Swerbenski - Vice President

Bill Swerbenski, CFA
Vice President

Business Planning & Strategy

Amos Robinson

Amos Robinson
Vice President

Investor Services

Denise Kampf

Denise Kampf
Vice President

Trading and Operations

Jack McManmon

Jack McManmon
Senior Managing Director

Investment Products and Strategy

Katie Weigel

Katie Birmingham Weigel, CFP®
Managing Director

Institutional Services, Relationship Management and Client Service

John P. Jagusiak

John P. Jagusiak
Managing Director

Trading and Trade Support

William F. Shaw

William F. Shaw
Managing Director

Product Management

Lawrence L. Jules

Lawrence L. Jules

Trading and Trade Support

Anton Dorokhin, CFA

Anton Dorokhin, CFA
Director, Macro and ETF Research

Research and Modeling

  • Deane Antoniou, CMT
  • Brendan Coleman
  • Michael Brozzo, CFP®
  • Adam Chase
  • Henry Halboth, CFA, CAIA
  • Earnest Hubbard, CFA, CFP®, CWS
  • Kelly Johnson, CFA, CAIA
  • Timothy J. Kohn, CFA, CFP®
  • G. Spencer Logan
  • Mark Mahoney
  • Thomas Miller, CFA
  • Michael Morin
  • John Smith, CFA
  • Kimberly Hunter, Senior Specialist
  • Peter Mancuso, Senior Specialist
  • Cassandra Webster, Manager
  • Tom Kennedy, Specialist
  • Brian Locarni, Senior Trader
  • Nicholas Marsella, Specialist
  • Alex Mazza, Senior Specialist
  • Brian O’Neill, Senior Trader
  • Logan Patrick, CFA, Senior Manager
  • Shane Pouliot, Associate
  • Stephanie Surette, Senior Manager
  • Edit Toth-Bonvie, Senior Specialist
  • Ashley Brown, Senior Team Manager
  • Stephanie Negrotti, Manager
  • Julianne Talley, Senior Specialist
  • Arun Balasubramaniam, CFA, Quantitative Analyst
  • Anton Dorokhin, Macro and ETF Research
  • Michael Kelleher, Quantitative Analyst
  • Christian Menegatti, Ph.D., Chief Investment Strategist
  • George Mylnikov, Ph.D., Head of Quantitative Research
  • Katie Birmingham Weigel, CFP® Managing Director
  • Nicole Calabrese, Client Relationship Manager
  • R. Hilliard Ebling, Client Relationship Manager
  • Thomas Mosel, Client Relationship Manager
  • Tess Montague, Client Service Associate
  • Lee Setzen, Client Service Associate
  • Nancy Nazzaro, Administrative Support Associate
  • Eric Nelson, CFA, Consultant and Sub-Advisory Relations
  • Joshua Moore, Institutional Services Specialist