Watch v. to guard, tend or oversee, especially for protection or safekeeping.

n. The officers and crew who attend to the working of a ship for an allotted period of time.

Liz Ann Sonders - SVP

Liz Ann Sonders

Member of the Investment Committee

Liz Ann Sonders is a member of the Investment Committee at Windhaven Investment Management, Inc., which oversees Windhaven’s research initiatives and investment decisions. Prior to joining Schwab, Liz Ann was a Managing Director at U.S. Trust and a member of its Investment Policy Committee. Before U.S. Trust, she was a Managing Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at Avatar Associates, an original division of the Zweig/Avatar Group which employed a tactical asset allocation investment approach.

In addition to her role at Windhaven, Liz Ann is a Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Strategist of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (Schwab). As Chief Investment Strategist at Schwab, Liz Ann has a variety of investment strategy responsibilities ranging from market analysis to interpreting economic trends on behalf of Schwab’s clients. She has appeared as a keynote speaker at many conferences, including Barron’s, the CFA Institute, Morningstar and IMCA. She is a regular guest and guest host on many CNBC programs, as well as Fox Business News, Nightly Business Report, and Bloomberg TV & Radio and is regularly quoted in financial publications. In 2005, Liz Ann was appointed to and served on the President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform, President Bush’s bi-partisan tax reform commission.

Liz Ann earned a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from the University of Delaware and an MBA in Finance from Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business.

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