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v. Travel on a desired course.

What Should Your Portfolio Look Like Today?

Windhaven offers clients a unique approach to investment management with a globally diversified, dynamic model of asset allocation.

Our proprietary investment approach combines opportunistic shifts with longer-term, strategic investment themes by analyzing a wide range of economic and behavioral factors and allocating investments that align with the ebb and flow of changing economic and market cycles.

Active global diversification

  • Broadens opportunity to achieve capital appreciation over full market cycles
  • Seeks to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns through diversification by investing in asset classes that may have lower correlations

A Unique Global Tactical Asset Allocation Approach

Tactically managed for upside potential

  • Modeling approach analyzes medium and longer term fundamentals
  • Proprietary modeling of expected risk-adjusted returns grounded in a rigorous quantitative framework
  • Seeks to capture most attractive asset classes in evolving market conditions

Focused on long-term downside risk management

  • Proprietary quantitative model that seeks to reduce drawdown when determining strategy allocations
  • Strategic positioning across a variety of asset classes to attempt to capitalize on shifting market scenarios